MICHAEL DEAN – Owner/Founder/CEO

A New Yorker by way of Chicago, Michael is the owner, founder, and CEO of Equitable PR. From the age of 18, Dean has worked in event production and promotion for non-profits such as AIDSRIDES, Ride for AIDS Chicago, Test Positive Awareness Project (TPAP), and the Howard Brown Health Center to name a few. His event production and promotion experience has brought him onboard with Winter Film Festival, Care 59, Chicago Fashion Week with Fashion Bar Chicago, and Chicago In Bloom Events and Gallery, where he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Distinction for Small business Owner of the Year. Dean began his career in modeling and acting at the age of 12 and has worked in virtually every aspect of production from theater, to TV, radio, and film.


Michael’s plan for Equitable PR is to incorporate his decades of production, promotion experience and contacts to elevate small, local businesses and non-profits with a specific focus on LGBTQIA+ and POC owned and centered companies and organizations. Dean’s goals for EquitablePR are to produce multi-million-dollar quality public relations for small brands and businesses in mainstream avenues at an equitable cost for those who have limited resources or restrictive funding methods


Dean’s education and business experience over the last 31+ years include a bachelor’s in information security, Master’s in Mental Health, and more certifications and training than most would care to read. His passion for education is never ending, including a Master Practitioner Coach certification, ITIL expert, Change Management Expert, and law school. Dean is currently enrolled in the Kellogg Executive Scholar program for Non-Profit management.  With over 30 years in business, production, marketing, and a variety of other fields, his passion lies in giving back to communities he is part of.