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GYPSY NILSEN - Director of Operations

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gypsy Nilsen comes to EquitablePR with an entrepreneurial and event planning background. Nilsen owned and operated Griffin Martial Arts School in the Minneapolis area which successfully taught children and adults the art of self-defense. Gypsy currently owns and operates Whole Life Living where she offers healing practices that align with Shamanic wellness and practice. She spent 15 years as a large scale event planner, as well as being a founder, a director, and event producer for Summerland, an earth-based spirituality festival. With her expansive background of event and project planning and management Gypsy has earned the title the Queen of Everything which she wears with honor. Gypsy is also a mother to 4 sons and 2 dogs which she loves and adores, though the jury is still out on which of her sons or dogs she loves and adores more.


Though Gypsy is still operating Whole Life Living, she is putting her focus behind Studio69NYC and it’s larger branches; working exclusively with Michael Dean, Equitable PR, and The Township Foundation. Nilsen hopes that she will help bring out the best that people can be, and help them discover their life purpose in both a personal and professional manner. She strongly believes that working as a community to build community and intends to keep that intention going for the generations to come.

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