Jared has served as a technology leader across various industries throughout the Chicago area for the last two decades.  He is founder and Executive Director of the Cogitas Group– a technology consulting firm aimed at purpose-driven businesses, education, charity and arts organizations- created out of the passionate desire to provide organizations that enhance our world with the highest level of technological expertise. Jared is recognized as a leader with a proven record of reimagining the effective use of technology, as well as creating and designing sustainable frameworks and infrastructures that drive growth at the intersection of purpose and need - digital and social. He continues to drive innovation in this space with a belief that supporting arts and charities with highest technological standards holds the most untapped potential to enhance the lives of people worldwide.

During his over two decades in the technology industry, Jared has touched every aspect of information technology across corporate, education, research, charitable and arts organizations and brings both client and consultant side perspectives to his work.  He is a strong advocate of accessible technology and the power of creativity to drive positive societal impact.

Jared sees technology as much as a creative passion as his musical endeavors - he is an accomplished musician, having performed with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the North American Chamber Musicians and the Classical Symphony of Chicago.  In 2018, Jared had the distinct pleasure of participating in the Physical Festival Chicago… a unique event exploring the relationship of physical, visual and sound in contemporary theatre.

An avid traveler with an insatiable curiosity originally from rural Ohio, Jared studied music, history, and engineering at Northwestern University and received a certificate of business management from the Kellogg School of Management.  In addition to many professional certifications, he was also presented the Evanston Vision Keeper’s Community Service Award for assisting the elderly communities and abuse-shelters of Evanston, Illinois.  He currently serves as a board member for the Chamber Music Connection, an award-winning organization in central Ohio teaching chamber music - "an ideal artform, crossing the boundaries of generations, for promoting musical as well as personal growth and development."